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It's Always 5 O'Clock
Where You Find Blue Water

We are pleased you have found us.

We have been diving since 1990 and have been dive instructors for the majority of that time.

If you love the sun, the beach and the thrill of moving effortlessly in blue water, than you have come to the right place.

Scuba diving and lazing on the beach with absolutely none of the distractions of life is a gift everyone should give themselves, and is one of our passions.

We hope to share with you, this passion of ours in as many ways as we can, and to guide you to sites and information where you can learn to scuba dive, find trip information, scuba wear and accessaries, as well as camera equipment that will enhance your fun.

Life is, after all, a Beach!

One of the items we are very proud of, is our new scuba rattle.

This rattle is made by hand by us and is one of a kind. There are several on the market today, but none like this one.

Why have a rattle as a standard part of your scuba gear?

There are several reasons.

First, using a dive knife to tap on a tank can be dangerous and/or expensive. Getting the knife out to use it is one thing, but putting it back is totally another. It is hard to see when in mask with a regulator in your mouth, and sometimes it is possible for a knife to slip and cut a piece of equipment, wetsuit or even skin.

It is also possible to think that your knife has been resecured, and well, it's not, and another diver finds it later on at the bottom where it glided as you moved on through the water, only to find out after your dive that it is gone.

We have found many!

Now, a tank banger is good except for one thing, it can chip the paint off your tank. Drag!

And well, if you put a plastic tank protector on the tank, then you might as well leave the tank banger at home because you will hear nothing more than a dull thud.

Wistles, well, not great either except at the surface.

So that leaves a rattle.

You can hear a rattle from every angle and there is no mistaking it. We have tested ours in local dive shops and they have been flying off the shelves. That lead us to believe that you too may be interested.

Hey, they even work in the swimming pool. You know, when the kids keep going under so that they can't hear you when you tell them that it's time to get out! :o)

We even take them with us on dive trips. And most people on our dive trips what them immediately.

They work very well for parents with young or teenage divers in tow. They tend to forget possible dangerous situations for the simple joy of being under water.

You can't really blame them, though. Just shake the rattle to get their attention, and they are back on track.

Come on, give us a try!


The Harper House Scuba Rattle
The Only Underwater Communication You Will Ever Need.

We are Texas Born and Raised and are located in Austin, Texas, USA

How To Order

We are still in the process of building our site, so if you are interested in one of these rattles, please contact us at our email address listed below.

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We can get you shaking today.

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Let your imagination bloom
into fine and fun reality.

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